While others aspire to be an industry standard, TLC is committed to being a cut above.

You’ve worked hard for it. Now it’s time to build your dream home. It’s my business to make your dream come true. Too often people enter into home building with the best of intention and have the dream become something other than pleasant. There are a lot of players in the process who are sincere in wanting to provide you with the best of their offerings that turn out to be other than practical for your needs and budget.

Not only will I provide you with the best of the essentials but will advise you about the process. It’s my responsibility to you to keep this grounded in reality. Every project has a time and money budget. It’s oh so easy to go over to the point that the dream becomes a nightmare. I’ve done this for 40+ years. Let my experience help truly turn your dream into reality.

As your Lincoln log and Thermo-Home representative I serve MA, RI, NH & ME. As your Hardwick Post & Beam representative I serve ME, VT, eastern NY, western MA, NH & CT. For other residential projects I consult as “The Retired Carpenter” in western and central MA, southern VT and NH.

Build smart.


  • Practical design for user friendly spaces and ease of building
  • Site planning to optimize solar potential


  • Green building for 30+ years
  • Energy efficient design
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Reverence for craftsmanship
  • New technologies applied to time proven building methods
    • Passive solar design
    • Solar heated water
    • Solar electric
    • In floor radiant heat